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19 Oct 2021 23:12
It is all about nurturing minds from all walks of lives. We believe everyone is an artist, and that all they need is that love, care and attention to become a perfection. Whether it's your child whose untapped creativity you want to unleash or a professional wishing hone your skills for certification, an artist wishing to become a "teacher and a mentor", we have something for everyone. An Artist cannot fail, it's a success just to be one. Charles Horton Cooley's words depict what we believe.
20 Sep 2021 14:25
Challenges and opportunities in selling original artwork online. As an artist, it can be tricky to know where and how to sell artwork. Exhibiting in local galleries will allow the artist to reach only a limited audience, and sales will be wholly dependent on who happens to come through the door on a given day.
7 Sep 2021 12:41
Do you want to paint as a hobby? Do you know what object you would like to paint? The article to be painted dictates the type of paint you will be using. Will you choose oils or acrylics?
2 Aug 2021 22:06
The contemporary seascape painting offers a beautiful reminder of nature and the sea, bringing us positive feelings of calm and inspiration. Offering visual variety as seen through the seasons, they are a great fine art choice for your home.
9 Jun 2021 17:35
Since the dawn of civilization the creation of art has been a meditative process. A structured and well taught art course is not only a great creative outlet, but also a superb way to clear and focus the mind.
16 Mar 2021 19:14
I suppose we could ask this question about many famous painters. Many don't become famous until after they're dead. But let's concentrate on Vincent van Gogh.
28 Jan 2021 16:54
While a brand new car with sleek aerodynamics and cutting-edge technology is a novelty by itself, the very sight of a vintage or a classic car cruising elegantly on the streets strikes one with an overwhelming feeling of desire. Vintage cars in their high slung elegance are stunning, almost regal. They have captivating designs that are a mark of artistry & craft.
27 Jan 2021 15:57
The Origin of Miniature Paintings Descended from the art of Persia and Turkey, these paintings and the artists were supported by Mughal Emperors the Rajput Kings. In many ways, the subjects and objects painted in these paintings are narrative. They show how the people of India lived in those days.
24 Nov 2020 23:21
The Forward Bend is a short story inspired by an original sculpture work by Internationally acclaimed artist Ruel James. The link to the artwork is provided in the article body.
12 Nov 2020 17:16
When it comes to finding a good studio to inspire and guide your budding artist, keep a few things in mind, which will help you scour for the best art classes. Finding a local art class can be a simple task for most parents, but finding one that truly inspires and challenges your child is not that easy. This article will help you with a few guidelines to choose the best art classes for kids.
12 Oct 2020 13:55
Suite Havana is a newly inaugurated exhibition of paintings by Anthony Mir?, hung in Palau Altea on Spain's Costa Blanca. These works feature female nudes, all Cuban, and, like the sculptures of Anthony Mir?'s concurrent exhibition in the town called "de mar a mar", these works will provoke controversy and calls for their removal amongst that segment of the town's population for whom sexual taboos retain their significance. For, like his sculptures, the subject matter of the paintings in Suite Havana is sensuality, sexuality and sex, three different facets of the same taboo.
16 Jul 2020 13:35
Jack Vettriano is one of the most controversial artists in Scotland. Critics say he's not that good. Vettriano says he is successful. So successful he bought his own castle ( Easterheughs ). So while the critics gnash their teeth Vettriano is laughing all the way to the bank
22 Jun 2020 12:50
Art conservation and restoration of gorgeous monumental murals at Los Angeles Produce Market addressed water damage streaking, fading and graffiti. Art conservation and preservation was the 1st phase and the restoration with the original artist's help was the 2nd phase. Interesting videos!
19 Jun 2020 20:08
There were days when people used to buy paintings of the renowned artists for high prices just to increase the beauty of their house or show their people their economic status. This practice is now dying out with time. Except the few existing masterpieces which have been already auctioned off, people are no longer interested in buying what an artist makes out of his imagination or from the top of his head.
26 Feb 2020 15:05
Today, I thought to share my process before a painting goes into the making, I hope it helps you in some way to get you into the zone for creating any kind of art, whether it's painting, drawing, making music, making a video, etc. This process isn't in anyway a rulebook, each artist has his/her own way and process to get into the creative zone.
10 Feb 2020 14:17
Beauty seems no longer much valued in the creative arts. But is it worth searching for to find inspiration to tackle the chaos of modern life?
6 Jan 2020 15:41
IN a recent interview Keith Zenda shared his artistic journey saying, "painting started by drawing of cartoons in books and boards in 1997 when he was doing grade 6". He realized this talent in 2001, after devoting himself to the End Times Message under Pastor Martin Gumbura. Painting and drawing like music pervade and permeates all areas of social, public and private issues.
6 Dec 2019 22:18
Acrylic paints are versatile and this is helpful for painting landscapes. Acrylics are thinned with water or an acrylic medium to create transparency and imitate water coloring. The tint is used from the container for medium consistency. Apply layers of paint to create the illusions of thickness as seen in oil painting.
8 Aug 2019 13:04
Why do I, as an artist, paint in series even if I do not strive to do so? How does a series of paintings develop and what are the factors that influence the process and interpretations? What is the actual puzzle - the series or the gesamtkunstwerk?
8 Aug 2019 13:04
Why do I, as an artist, paint in series even if I do not strive to do so? How does a series of paintings develop and what are the factors that influence the process and interpretations? What is the actual puzzle - the series or the gesamtkunstwerk?
23 Apr 2019 16:24
Acrylic paints are water based and toxic free. The manufacturers have many premixed colors or you can choose to mix your own. These liquids are available in spray containers, tubes, and different sizes of bottles.
19 Dec 2018 19:23
Painting by numbers is a system that allows you to isolate a picture into different shapes. Also, keep in mind that each shape is allotted a specific number related to a certain color. Every shape is painted and given the shape of a complete painting.
17 May 2018 20:03
Oil paints are appreciated for their color options, quality and versatility. However, for the complete beginner there is a short learning curve to overcome because of the long drying time and having to work with toxic solvents.
3 Apr 2018 18:18
Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853 in Zundert in the south of Netherlands. He was unlucky to live only for 37 years and to discover his passion for art at the age of 27. Therefore, he worked as an artist for only 10 years of his life.
20 Mar 2018 02:19
Oil paints are high quality and versatile. Plus, they are available in tons of colors. That's the reason they are used by artists all over the world. Although it's easy to get started with oil painting, there are a few things to learn. If you are into painting, you may have your favorite brand, mediums, palettes and brushes, but there are some general tips for you. Let's read them.
17 Feb 2018 14:50
Artists love using oil paints on canvas because of its many advantages. Whereas its slow drying process could seem as a drawback, especially for those who would rather finish their pieces faster, for the majority of artists is a plus. This is because it provides them with enough time to work on an artwork piece in different sessions without worrying that some parts will dry faster. They also find it much easier to make changes to their creations thanks to the slow drying characteristic of oil paintings. Oil paints also come with an advantage of creating luminous colors that are hard to wear. It is also much easier for the paints to blend with any surrounding colors so in the end an appealing artwork is achieved.
9 Feb 2018 15:42
There are many artistic and cultural works that speaks about the greatness of the Indian people and one of the greatest artistic works is the Thanjavur paintings and there are many Thanjavur Paintings for sale Online. There are many specialities in this Thanjavur painting which we are going to look below: HISTORY The paintings started its existence since 1600 A.D.
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